About Mule Creek

Mule Creek is located in SW New Mexico.(see map below) Nestled in a valley 9 miles west of Hwy 180 on NM 78, we are approximately 60 miles northwest of Silver City, NM and 60 miles east of Safford AZ. At 5230 ft elevation this area boasts...dark nights filled with bright stars and the sounds of nature. Year round temperature ranges from January average lows in the teens to July average highs in the nineties.

The first recorded settler, Dan McMillen, arrived in 1877. He found mule tracks next to the stream of water so he named his settlement Mule Creek and started ranching. Feral mules were not unusual in that period of our history. Escapees from wagon trains and pack trains they would gather into "wild" herds.

Mule Creek's U S Post Office was opened on January 6, 1916, four years to the day after New Mexico was admitted to statehood. Many post offices were opened in the area before ours, but Mule Creek was a bit off the beaten path (even then).

The independent nature of the people settling in this high desert community makes researching and recording history difficult. Our one room school was not supported by outside funds. Teachers were hired by residents, and usually fired by the students. Records of students or teachers attending have yet to be located. Likewise, the Community Center, which is, now located in the last schoolhouse is self-supporting. Local donations, fundraisers, and hard work have kept government assistance unnecessary.

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